1983 honda cr480

Q. I just got a 1983 honda cr480 for free. It runs but is missing a few small things. My question is this, what set-up do you recommend? I live in the high desert of southern cali. and mainly ride trails. I ride a kdx200 and i weigh about 230 lbs.
A. In 1983 this was the machine of the year. Great power, great suspension, light weight, decent versatility. Now, everything I tell you is based on the fact that the 480 actually has a temperature and is running. As far as setup, the first thing I'd do is rebuild the suspension-both ends. Fresh oil and cleaned up will make the largest change in the machine's demeanor. Next, find a new muffler, or rebuild the stock unit. Fresh packing makes a huge difference in performance. Brakes, take the time to clean the shoes and if need to get some new ones. They're drum units, but the front is very strong. Last, a new top end, clutch, carburetor rebuild all will make your life far nicer and don't snivel about the price, you paid a big goose egg for the steed. Now get to work.



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