Asterisk Cyto Cell Press Release


Press Release -- Lake Forest, Ca. - Asterisk is pleased to announce the release of its new Cyto Cell Knee Protection System. The Cyto Cell has been created as more of a price-friendly, entry-level knee brace. Asterisk has always prided itself on its second-to-none design and actual functional protective features of the original Cell and the flagship Ultra Cell. The knee brace market has grown over the years with brands who have no background knowledge in knee mechanics, or knee bracing. This has created a class of knee brace that is less than satisfactory, at best. With this in mind, we felt it was our duty to provide a product that is less expensive, but still capable of comfortably protecting the intricate knee joint. 


The Cyto Cell is based on the same anatomically correct frame and intricate, eight-sphere hinge design found on our Ultra Cell.  We were able to simplify some of the components and reduce costs while maintaining the philosophy and features we believe essential to a knee brace. The Cyto Cell retails for $249 each.


The Cyto Cell is available at your local authorized Asterisk Dealer. For more info on the Cyto Cell, Call Asterisk at 1 (800) 459-2999. The Cyto Cell will be available on our website on January 31st. Visit us at



Asterisk proudly produces our knee braces in our own California factory. 


Follow along on Twitter &Instagram, @Asterisk_USA.

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