Double for the Honda CRF450 RALLY in second stage of Merzouga Rally

The success of TEAM HRC and their Honda CRF450 RALLY continues as the team commands more African raids. The second stage of the Merzouga Rally saw Helder Rodrigues and Sam Sunderland take the first two places in the stage, and likewise the top two positions in the overall standings.


In the short prologue stage of yesterday that opened the Merzouga Rally, both Helder Rodrigues and Sam Sunderland thought that it was preferable to start from further back on this the second day of racing. The rally itself was a long and technical ride with some truly tricky orientation points that really put the riders’ navigational skills to the test.  


Portuguese rider Helder Rodrigues set off from 28th position this morning, and was able to get the best out of his Honda CRF450 RALLY against the clock in the 200 kilometres special. Finishing some two minutes ahead of TEAM HRC team-mate, Sam Sunderland. The British rider’s second place finish pays tribute to his continually improving navigational skills. Both riders are on top of the standings of the Merzouga Rally.


Helder Rodrigues   1st   03:26'56   TEAM HRC

I feel great. It was a day of difficult navigation and picturesque tracks. I started out in twenty-eighth place and I pushed pretty hard until the refuelling. Once there, I was able to see that I had set a good time and from there on I tried to keep in control and not steer off the good track. It was a tough day for the navigation, with a lot of routes, tracks, rocks.... I very full-on day.


Sam Sunderland   2nd   +01'46   TEAM HRC

It was a good stage. Really very complicated as far as navigation went, and I had to really focus on the road-book. A lot of dust and a lot of sand, which was good, and on the whole I think that we did a good job. I’m pleased because we’ve been improving the navigation which keeps getting better and better. A good day and I’m happy to be up there at the top of the leader-board.

Stage 2 Results
1Helder Rodrigues3:26'56PRTHONDATEAM HRC
2Sam Sunderland+01'46ENGHONDATEAM HRC
3Olivier Pain+04'55FRAYAMAHAYamaha Racing
4Gerard Farrés+20'34ESPGAS GASGas Gas JVO Team
5Jordi Viladoms+24'06ESPGAS GASGas Gas JVO Team
6Arnold Brucy+30'50FRAKTMKTM Brucy
7Alessandro Botturi+31'50ITASPEEDBRAINTeam Speedbrain
8Frans Verhoeven+45'11HOLYAMAHAYamaha Netherlands Verhoeven
9Marc Guasch+48'01ESPGAS GASGas Gas JVO Team
10Antonio Gimeno+54'01ESPKTMEnduroPro

Overall standings after day 2
1Helder Rodrigues03:30'06PRTHONDATEAM HRC
2Sam Sunderland+01'28ENGHONDATeam HRC
3Olivier Pain+05'01FRAYAMAHAYamaha Racing
4Gerard Farrés+20'10ESPGAS GASGas Gas JVO Team
5Jordi Viladoms+21'09ESPGAS GASGas Gas JVO Team
6Arnold Brucy+23'29FRAKTMKTM Brucy
7Alessandro Botturi+30'18ITASPEEDBRAINTeam Speedbrain
8Frans Verhoeven+31'26HOLYAMAHAYamaha Netherlands Verhoeven
9Marc Guasch+44'46ESPGAS GASGas Gas JVO Team
10Antonio Gimeno+47'30ESP

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