Fantastic runner-up finish for Ferris in Finland

Dean Ferris raced his factory backed Monster Energy Yamaha YZ250F to a superb second position overall at Hyvinkää today for the Grand Prix of Finland and the twelfth round of the FIM Motocross World Championship attended by 23,000 spectators (weekend figure). The first visit of the MX series to Finland in thirteen years took place on a carved and bump-laden sandy track with a decent technical level.

Hyvinkää was a physical test for the riders and an ample challenge for the set-up of the MX2 motorcycles with the flat and relatively short layout heavy on the engines and pounding on the suspension systems. Sunshine and warm temperatures added a pleasant sheen to the event that entered the calendar at a late stage to replace the cancelled fixture in Russia. 

Ferris returned to the winner’s circle after two punchy starts on the YZ and a mean pace that cast him as one of the main protagonists on the day. The Australian was able to spray champagne for the third time this season and on the first occasion since capturing second in Portugal for round six. ‘111’ started third and held his speed and nerve to cross the line in the same position in the first moto. Later in the day he needed to recover from outside the top five to catch and pass Jose Butron for the same rank and confirm his silverware. 

In tenth position overall was Christophe Charlier. The Corsican, who recently inked another deal to stay a Yamaha factory rider for 2014, was unlucky with his starts. In the first he was buried mid-pack and needed to work for the whole of the first 35 and 2 minute duration to rise from 15th to 8th. Charlier was in the wrong place at the wrong time in the second moto when he couldn’t avoid a fallen rider in the first corner and was also sent tumbling to the dirt. ‘23’ was unhurt but after again fighting his way through the hoards was ‘spent’ after reaching 13th.
Charlier in Finland

Desprey in Finland
Maxime Desprey was twelfth across the board with two race finishes in that slot delivering the same overall result. The French youngster made an impressive getaway in Moto1 and nestled into a race rhythm that saw him circulating on the fringes of the top ten. Some fatigue in the later stages of Moto2 saw him drop from tenth another two ranks but the points-haul equalled his highest of 2013 so far. It was a hard day for Mel Pocock who struggled with the rough nature of the track. The Briton registered a best finish of 14th in the second outing.

Ferris was able to gain some good ground on Glen Coldenhoff in the MX2 World Championship standings and is now just 13 points behind the Dutchman and 5th place. Charlier is 4th and needs to find 40 points over Jose Butron to reach his season goal of a top three championship finish. Pocock holds twelfth while Desprey is 16th. Monster Energy Yamaha are next in action in two weeks time with the new Lausitzring circuit hosting the Grand Prix of Germany.
Dean Ferris

“I feel good. It has been a few tough races recently and I think it was the track that helped me out today because it was quite technical. I got some good starts and my bike was fast all weekend; I was able to put it on the podium again so it’s all-good. We’ve done some testing during the week and found a better set-up. The engine has been really strong and overall we’ve been sticking to the programme; I was just able to keep moving forward today and brought it home in the second moto after Tixier was too far ahead.”

Christophe Charlier

“The track was very difficult today with many bump and big lines. I crashed in the second race and tried to come back but it was tough physically and I have to take what I can. I was in fourth or fifth at the start but somebody slid out in front of me. It happened so suddenly that I couldn’t move left or right and just smashed into the bike. I then lost time to restart but afterwards followed Coldenhoff through. For this race I have to accept these results and try to push a lot for the next GP.”

Maxime Desprey

“It was pretty good today. In the first moto I started in second place but I couldn’t ‘go’ at the beginning and lost some places. Afterwards I picked up my rhythm and finished in twelfth; which wasn’t too bad. In the second moto my start was not the same. It was worse. I pushed to pass many guys on the second lap and it was going pretty well but I think I paid for that at the end of the race. Physically it was hard but to finish twelfth again feels like an improvement over the last couple of GPs.”

Mel Pocock

“I’m not enjoying it at the moment and I can’t work out why. I’m struggling and it is not through a lack of training or effort. We will have to talk about this and go back to the drawing board for some solutions. We have two weeks to get back on the good path now.”

2013 MX2-GP Finland
Hyvinkää 14/07/201322 Laps
race I
1Jeffrey HerlingsKTMNED39'10.242 
2Glenn ColdenhoffKTMNED0'55.951 
3Dean FerrisYamahaAUS1'06.978 
4Jake NichollsKTMGBR1'08.956 
5Jordi TixierKTMFRA1'09.288 
6Petar PetrovYamahaBGR1'19.595 
7Harri KullasKTMFIN1'22.445 
8Christophe CharlierYamahaFRA1'25.400 
9Jose Antonio ButronKTMESP1'28.936 
10Aleksandr TonkovHondaRUS1'30.326 
11Max AnstieSuzukiGBR1'30.933 
12Maxime DespreyYamahaFRA1'39.854 
13Ivo MonticelliSuzukiITA1'45.947 
14Tim GajserKTMSVN-1Laps 
15Even HeibyeKTMNOR-1Laps 
16Mel PocockYamahaGBR-1Laps 
18Kevin ForsYamahaBEL-1Laps 
race II
1Jeffrey HerlingsKTMNED38'52.389 
2Jordi TixierKTMFRA0'51.963 
3Dean FerrisYamahaAUS1'07.402 
4Jose Antonio ButronKTMESP1'12.693 
5Romain FebvreKTMFRA1'24.516 
6Aleksandr TonkovHondaRUS1'25.710 
7Max AnstieSuzukiGBR1'26.426 
8Dylan FerrandisKawasakiFRA1'27.144 
9Alessandro LupinoKawasakiITA1'28.444 
10Harri KullasKTMFIN1'30.968 
11Petar PetrovYamahaBGR1'39.248 
12Maxime DespreyYamahaFRA1'41.193 
13Christophe CharlierYamahaFRA1'44.631 
14Mel PocockYamahaGBR-1Laps 
15Tim GajserKTMSVN-1Laps 
18Erki KahroYamahaEST-1Laps 
MX2-GP World Standing
Rider StandingsAfter Race 12 of 18
1.Jeffrey HerlingsKTMNED592
2.Jordi TixierKTMFRA441
3.Jose Antonio ButronKTMESP383
4.Christophe CharlierYamahaFRA343
5.Glenn ColdenhoffKTMNED326
6.Dean FerrisYamahaAUS313
7.Jake NichollsKTMGBR292
8.Alessandro LupinoKawasakiITA260
9.Max AnstieSuzukiGBR252
10.Petar PetrovYamahaBGR221
11.Dylan FerrandisKawasakiFRA207
12.Mel PocockYamahaGBR200
13.Aleksandr TonkovHondaRUS185
14.Romain FebvreKTMFRA166
15.Harri KullasKTMFIN139
16.Maxime DespreyYamahaFRA137
26.Kevin ForsYamahaBEL45
34.Steven LenoirYamahaFRA8
37.Anderson Hauptli CidadeYamahaBRA6
40.Erki KahroYamahaEST3

Circuit Length:



Manufacturer Standings
Roelants in top ten at Finnish Grand Prix

Monster Energy Yamaha’s Joel Roelants defied sickness and stomach pain to collect tenth position overall at the tough Hyvinkää circuit for the Grand Prix of Finland and the twelfth round of the FIM Motocross World Championship. The sandy and short course was a punishing test for bike set-up and the riders’ physical condition as the bumps and berms constantly unsettled the machinery. The Belgian courageously raced to two tenth places in the long motos under sunny skies and 23,000 spectators (weekend figure).

While Roelants used the power and handling of his works YZ450FM to jump and drift to his placing against the odds, Steven Frossard was forced to the sidelines. The misfortune-battered Frenchman smashed his foot on Saturday during the qualification heat and stabbing pain was later revealed to be two more metatarsal bones in his left foot. The fractures should not require surgery and now the former MX1 world championship runner-up needs further advice as to how long the setback will be in terms of recovery and when he can return to the Grand Prix paddock. 

As the FIM series takes a break for a week after three meetings in a row across northeast Europe Roelants will have time to reflect on his championship position of 15th and his attack of the remaining five rounds starting in Germany at the Lausitzring on July 28th.
Frossard in Finland
Joel Roelants

“Last week I had some stomach pains and then also this week while training. I am taking some pills but still this weekend I had cramps. So I could not push to the maximum and was riding at 50%. In the last laps I tried to charge but then I was completely dead. I think this was the most I could do this GP. I need to try and get healthy again now and then make some good training for the next race. It was a physical track and our set-up was quite good. I just felt ‘broken’ and have been eating rice and water all day. I hope it will clear quickly.”

Steven Frossard

“Unbelievable. I made the double jump, landed and kept inside going into the waves but I hit my foot against something. It was still on the peg so I don’t really know what happened. I had a lot of pain and had to pull into the pits. I knew something was not right because it hurt a lot to walk and put weight on the foot and then the X-ray confirmed it. There is not much more to say, it is disappointing for everyone and we will see now what plan we can make from here.”

2013 MX1-GP Finland
Hyvinkää 14/07/201322 Laps
race I
1Antonio CairoliKTMITA39'23.418 
2Clement DesalleSuzukiBEL0'06.700 
3Ken De DyckerKTMBEL0'11.075 
4Jeremy Van HorebeekKawasakiBEL0'13.381 
5Kevin StrijbosSuzukiBEL0'17.518 
6Gautier PaulinKawasakiFRA0'29.507 
7Evgeny BobryshevHondaRUS0'31.544 
8Rui GoncalvesKTMPOR0'34.243 
9Maximilian NaglHondaGER0'40.742 
10Joel RoelantsYamahaBEL0'49.945 
11Shaun SimpsonYamahaGBR1'04.303 
12Tommy SearleKawasakiGBR1'42.490 
13David PhilippaertsHondaITA1'57.752 
14Matiss KarroKTMLVA-1Laps 
15Juss LansooKTMEST-1Laps 
16Herjan BrakkeYamahaNED-1Laps 
race II
1Antonio CairoliKTMITA39'10.609 
2Kevin StrijbosSuzukiBEL0'05.683 
3Clement DesalleSuzukiBEL0'07.258 
4Gautier PaulinKawasakiFRA0'11.691 
5Jeremy Van HorebeekKawasakiBEL0'17.361 
6Ken De DyckerKTMBEL0'40.436 
7Rui GoncalvesKTMPOR0'41.064 
8Evgeny BobryshevHondaRUS0'52.288 
9Maximilian NaglHondaGER0'55.723 
10Joel RoelantsYamahaBEL1'00.203 
11Tommy SearleKawasakiGBR1'28.805 
12Matiss KarroKTMLVA1'35.732 
13Jonathan BarraganKTMESP1'44.911 
14Shaun SimpsonYamahaGBR1'50.416 
15Herjan BrakkeYamahaNED-1Laps 
MX1-GP World Standing
Rider StandingsAfter Race 12 of 18
1.Antonio CairoliKTMITA564
2.Gautier PaulinKawasakiFRA465
3.Clement DesalleSuzukiBEL456
4.Ken De DyckerKTMBEL441
5.Kevin StrijbosSuzukiBEL365
6.Tommy SearleKawasakiGBR337
7.Jeremy Van HorebeekKawasakiBEL305