Yamaha RacingMX2-GP FRANCE - ROUND 8
MX2-GPRace Report - 09/06/2013
First trophy of 2013 for Charlier at home GP, Fontanesi wins again

Christophe Charlier’s first podium result of the season and the second of his career was the highlight from a dramatic weekend of action for the factory Monster Energy Yamaha team at Ernee for the Grand Prix of France. The eighth round of seventeen was run in front of an excited and appreciative 39,000 crowd to welcome the FIM Motocross World Championship back to the region and the traditional and old-school circuit for the first time since 2009.

The difficult and sketchy course was also narrow and slippery and it was in the most challenging of conditions on Saturday that Maxime Desprey and Dean Ferris battled for pole position in the qualification heat, with Ferris eventually earning victory after a thrilling last lap battle. YZ250F technology went 1-2 into the gate for Sunday’s race programme. 

The first moto saw a magical start for the Monster Energy Yamaha as Ferris, Pocock and Charlier headed the pack around the opening lap. Sadly a malfunction with the start gate meant that the race had to be red-flagged and re-run. The second start was not so advantageous for the crew and a technical problem would stop Ferris from scoring 7th position halfway through the moto. Pocock would withdraw after a painful right heel (the result of a crash on a jump landing on Saturday) meant that he could not clasp the bike. Charlier worked hard to reach 9th spot – gaining a place on the penultimate lap – but a problem with a pulled groin muscle did not assist his progress. Desprey was buried deep in the pack around the first corner but was diligent with his overtaking to reach 13th. 

After the break the second sprint took place and Charlier defied his discomfort to produce an all-action attacking display that must rank as one of his best of the season so far. A mid-top ten start set the base and he passed three riders to move up to third position. The eventual points tally was good enough to put the excited former European Champ on the box. It was Ferris who had earned the holeshot but a couple of mistakes pushed the Australian down to a final slot of sixth. Desprey enacted a similar race to the first and ended the day with 12th while Pocock gritted his teeth to bag a few points in 19th. 

The French Grand Prix finished with Charlier 3rd, Desprey 11th, Ferris 13th and Pocock 23rd in the final MX2 listing with all Yamaha machinery nevertheless playing the role of protagonists in the class throughout this vibrant event. Charlier keeps 5th in the MX2 points table head of Ferris with Pocock 11th and Desprey 15th. 

On the other side of the continent in Slovenia, FIM Women’s World Champion Kiara Fontanesi comfortably owned both motos on her YRRD-kitted YZ250F to maintain her perfect win record after two rounds and four races of the competitive female series. ‘Fonta’ has another five fixtures in her title defence starting with the Italian Grand Prix next weekend in Maggiora, which will also constitute the ninth round of the FIM Motocross World Championship for Monster Energy Yamaha.

Christophe Charlier

“For sure I am very happy with my first podium of the season. In the first race I couldn’t get a good rhythm. I think it was because of the start. I was quite far back and couldn’t really get smooth and make as many positions as I wanted. In the second I was higher up at the start and that made a bit of a difference. I could push more and I was happy. The track was also a bit easier to handle. Anyway I have to thank my team and everyone who has been behind me and I want another podium at Maggiora!”

Dean Ferris
“I had a ‘mechanical’ in the first moto and there is not much more I can say about that. In the second moto I holeshotted and finished sixth…normally I can start last and get up to that position so I’m not real happy about the way I rode. I made a couple of crucial mistakes that cost me positions and I couldn’t find the speed to catch back up. I got my first win yesterday so I have mixed emotions about this weekend. I found the track very slick. It is not my favourite surface and I had a couple of big moments. We’ll just move on and hope for better in Italy.”
Dean Ferris
Maxime Desprey

“I had the holeshot yesterday, led the Heat and finished second, so I was really happy with that. Today was more difficult with the bad starts. I was outside the top twenty both times and pushed to win some positions. I was eleventh overall, so that is not too bad. I’m not sure why I didn’t get the good starts today…I think I wasn’t far enough over the front of the bike and lost some ground when it started to rise. It was a nice experience being here and for sure I can take some confidence from Saturday.”

Mel Pocock

“In the qualifying race I had a crash and landed on my heel. I don’t know what I have done to it but it seems to be really badly bruised. It’s black and blue and swollen. I had an x-ray and they said it wasn’t broken but the bottom of my foot is so painful. I managed to salvage a couple of points. I need to get it worked on this week and get that blood shifted. The track was hard and with those square-edged bumps I could not grip the bike. It is OK for the first fifteen minutes but after that it was unbearable. It is what it is…don’t crash; it hurts!”

2013 MX2-GP France
Ernée 09/06/201320 Laps
race I
1Jeffrey HerlingsKTMNED39'45.493 
2Dylan FerrandisKawasakiFRA0'02.937 
3Glenn ColdenhoffKTMNED0'07.723 
4Jordi TixierKTMFRA0'15.739 
5Jose Antonio ButronKTMESP0'22.737 
6Jake NichollsKTMGBR0'26.455 
7Max AnstieSuzukiGBR0'38.353 
8Aleksandr TonkovHondaRUS0'43.173 
9Christophe CharlierYamahaFRA0'48.472 
10Petar PetrovYamahaBGR0'50.642 
11Harri KullasHondaFIN0'52.277 
12Kevin ForsYamahaBEL1'17.692 
13Maxime DespreyYamahaFRA1'24.349 
14Even HeibyeKTMNOR1'25.385 
15Pascal RaucheneckerKTMAUT1'25.761 
race II
1Jeffrey HerlingsKTMNED39'59.717 
2Dylan FerrandisKawasakiFRA0'05.696 
3Christophe CharlierYamahaFRA0'07.504 
4Aleksandr TonkovHondaRUS0'11.672 
5Jake NichollsKTMGBR0'17.524 
6Dean FerrisYamahaAUS0'20.958 
7Alessandro LupinoKawasakiITA0'21.805 
8Jose Antonio ButronKTMESP0'31.110 
9Jordi TixierKTMFRA0'35.715 
10Jason ClermontKawasakiFRA0'39.720 
11Petar PetrovYamahaBGR0'41.239 
12Maxime DespreyYamahaFRA0'45.356 
13Steven LenoirYamahaFRA0'47.153 
14Max AnstieSuzukiGBR0'49.362 
15Stefan OlsenHondaDNK0'51.829 
19Mel PocockYamahaGBR1'10.777 
20Kevin ForsYamahaBEL1'14.615 
MX2-GP World Standing
Rider StandingsAfter Race 8 of 18
1.Jeffrey HerlingsKTMNED397
2.Jordi TixierKTMFRA287
3.Jose Antonio ButronKTMESP247
4.Glenn ColdenhoffKTMNED237
5.Christophe CharlierYamahaFRA230
6.Dean FerrisYamahaAUS197
7.Max AnstieSuzukiGBR193
8.Jake NichollsKTMGBR181
9.Alessandro LupinoKawasakiITA162
10.Dylan FerrandisKawasakiFRA149
11.Mel PocockYamahaGBR140
12.Petar PetrovYamahaBGR135
13.Aleksandr TonkovHondaRUS112
14.Romain FebvreKTMFRA98
15.Maxime DespreyYamahaFRA96
16.Harri KullasHondaFIN86
24.Kevin ForsYamahaBEL36
32.Steven LenoirYamahaFRA8
35.Anderson Hauptli CidadeYamahaBRA6



Manufacturer Standings
Roelants takes points in hard French GP

The Grand Prix of France represented the eighth round of seventeen in the FIM Motocross World Championship and Monster Energy Yamaha’s Joel Roelants left a difficult and narrow Ernee circuit with 15th position overall in the MX1 class on his YZ450FM.

The Belgian suffered a setback on Saturday when an off-track excursion saw him clip an ad boarding and knock his elbow. The incident also put him low into the gate for Sunday’s two 35 minute and 2 lap motos that were run in front of a bumper 39,000 crowd and in considerably cooler conditions. 

Roelants didn’t get the best of starts at the first time of asking and tried to set a rhythm to guarantee the maximum amount of points. He reeled off the laps to take 16th place. Not content with the direction of his set-up he again was unable to make many inroads into the leading group and ended a tough day with 14th in the second moto. Steven Frossard was present in the paddock in Ernee and will have another scan in the coming week to determine the full extent of his right knee injury and the time scale for a return to racing. 

Monster Energy Yamaha will now focus on their home Grand Prix with the Italian round of calendar taking place next weekend at Maggiora.

Joel Roelants

“I was dead-last going into the gate because of the crash yesterday. I didn’t get away that badly but my riding wasn’t good enough. I didn’t get a good feeling out there and couldn’t find my groove. We have to do some work now and try something else for the set-up. We tried our best this weekend but my riding is frustrating at the moment. I feel good physically and trained really well after Brazil. We’ll try some changes to see what we can do for Italy and beyond.”

2013 MX1-GP France
Ernée 09/06/201320 Laps
race I
1Gautier PaulinKawasakiFRA39'21.019 
2Antonio CairoliKTMITA0'01.453 
3Clement DesalleSuzukiBEL0'23.523 
4Jeremy Van HorebeekKawasakiBEL0'43.389 
5Ken De DyckerKTMBEL0'49.635 
6David PhilippaertsHondaITA0'50.808 
7Tommy SearleKawasakiGBR0'53.198 
8Maximilian NaglHondaGER0'55.094 
9Davide GuarneriKTMITA1'10.101 
10Rui GoncalvesKTMPOR1'12.061 
11Kevin StrijbosSuzukiBEL1'16.250 
12Evgeny BobryshevHondaRUS1'26.873 
13Shaun SimpsonTMGBR1'28.003 
14Xavier BoogKTMFRA1'36.945 
15Gregory ArandaKawasakiFRA1'40.665 
16Joel RoelantsYamahaBEL1'43.951 
20Milko PotisekYamahaFRA-1Laps 
race II
1Antonio CairoliKTMITA39'28.802 
2Clement DesalleSuzukiBEL0'10.539 
3Tommy SearleKawasakiGBR0'11.974 
4Gautier PaulinKawasakiFRA0'21.491 
5Ken De DyckerKTMBEL0'26.433 
6Jeremy Van HorebeekKawasakiBEL0'32.766 
7Xavier BoogKTMFRA0'44.837 
8Kevin StrijbosSuzukiBEL0'53.614 
9Evgeny BobryshevHondaRUS1'03.414 
10Davide GuarneriKTMITA1'21.781 
11Nicolas AubinHondaFRA1'28.471 
12Rui GoncalvesKTMPOR1'32.939 
13Maximilian NaglHondaGER1'35.790 
14Joel RoelantsYamahaBEL1'41.095 
15Gregory ArandaKawasakiFRA-1Laps 
17Loic LeonceYamahaFRA-1Laps 
MX1-GP World Standing
Rider StandingsAfter Race 8 of 18
1.Antonio CairoliKTMITA377
2.Gautier PaulinKawasakiFRA321
3.Clement DesalleSuzukiBEL309
4.Ken De DyckerKTMBEL277
5.Kevin StrijbosSuzukiBEL243
6.Tommy SearleKawasakiGBR239
7.Maximilian NaglHondaGER190
8.Jeremy Van HorebeekKawasakiBEL171
9.Rui GoncalvesKTMPOR168
10.David PhilippaertsHondaITA145
11.Evgeny BobryshevHondaRUS

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