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01_WORCS Action! A new photo gallery courtesy of Kinney Jones, Kato, Wolf and Booth02_National Enduro compliments of Kato.03_Caselli, Six Days-Brazil04_Jimmy Jarrett, Brazil-ISDE
05_Mike Lafferty-National Enduro Champion a jillion times06_Whibley Takes OMA's Waukon Wallow - Photo by Kato08_Perhaps the most talented off-road rider on the planet-Paul Edmonston09_One of the gnarliest off-road racer out there- Juha Salminen
10_Junior caught sawing wood by Mark Kariya.11_Husaberg Mounted Nick Fahringer at the OMA's- Photo by Kato12_America's fastest racer- Kurt Caselli13_Nate Dog pounded the quarrey
14_Big Brian Garrahan running the OMA in Carrollton, Ohio - Photo by Kato15_Woods, getting familiar with his RM-Z16_Brozovich is one of the loan 2-strokers who is a player in the WORCS  17_Ricky D wicking it up at the Hollister WORCS
18_Whibley Whippin' 'Em at the OMA - Photo by Kato19_RD wicking it up at the Hollister WORCS20_WORCS21_Four Consecutive OMA Champion... Jimmy Jarrett - Photo by Kato
22_David Pearson is the hero to everyone who can't back away from the  salad bar.
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WARNING: Much of the action depict­ed in this magazine is potentially dan­gerous. Virtually all of the riders seen in our photos are experienced ex­perts or professionals. Do not at­tempt to duplicate any stunts that are be­yond your own capabilities. Always wear the appropriate safety gear.

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